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To buy the good feelling in Iran
Yaxşı alış kimi hiss Təbriz'de

 Tabriz Laleh Park shopping Center
Tabriz’s Laleh Park is the first shopping center of brands in the country of Iran
The Laleh Park is constructed in an area of 26500 m2 and the square footage of the building is 91550 m2.  The project is located in the fifth region of Tabriz’s municipality

shopping center


An entertainment center and a five star rating hotel are attached to the shopping center
Given to its large area, various utilizations and also its access to the highway system the Laleh Park is considered as a worthwhile project in Tabriz

The trade center of the Laleh Park includes a collection of various goods and brands of clothing, shoes and bags, jewelry, sporting goods, home appliances, video and audio appliances, restaurants and coffee shops, bank and other services



Facilities and advantages
The Laleh Park Complex enjoys of 126 shops, hyper market in an area of 5300 m2,  kids play ground with an area of 1400 m2 , 70 Restrooms,for men, women, and persons with disabilities are

The complex also has outdoors and indoors parking lots with a capacity of 1200 cars. It has special room for kids’ services and feeding babies. It has 12 escalators, four electric ramps and first aid rooms in each floor


shoping center

One of the pores of the complex is the food court along with its 23 restaurants and fast-food bars that has provided an enjoyable space to relax after shopping
There are also several coffee shops with relaxing spaces to obtain pleasure

video , Laleh park center of Tabriz

Special benefits
Furnished with advanced modern decoration, Tabriz’s Laleh Park shopping Center has provided a suitable space for elite people of the city to enjoy shopping
The complex is considered as the most modern and the biggest shopping center of the northwestern country as it has a collection of international and popular brands

 The representative offices of the international brands, is one of the distinguished features of the complex as some of those brands don’t have a representative even in the capital Tehran


laleh park

Various brands of clothing, shoes and bags, gold and jewelry, sporting goods, home appliances, audio and video appliances are at sell in the Laleh Park Complex

Variety, quality and the originality of the distinguished domestic and foreign brands have caused the enthusiasm of the customers to visit the complex. Averagely about 19 thousand people visit the complex during the weekdays


To satisfy the customers the management has provided the original goods at reasonable prices

We are following the policy of mutual trust in order to provide a suitable image of our fellow people in the fields of trade and service

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National natural resources fossil of Maragheh

Transfer of fossils discovered in Maragheh, East Azarbaijan province, to the leading museums throughout the world has gained momentum in recent years


fossil zone

National natural resources fossil of Maragheh

According to Iran Daily English newspaper a representative of Iranian Natural History Museum said that Maragheh was once the habitat of gigantic prehistoric animals millions of years ago prior to the eruption of a volcano at Sahand Mountain

Gholamreza Zare further said that Maragheh Fossil Area has been considered as the global hub for fossils because of the great diversity of remnants of various animal species

"Most of the archeologists from Russia, France, Britain and the Netherlands have transferred a large number of fossils unearthed in the area to Vienna Museum for restoration," he noted

Nine Million Year Ago Fossil in Maragheh
کشف فسیل ۹ میلیون ساله در مراغه آذربایجان شرقی

Zare further said that a total of 573 animal fossils have been discovered in Maragheh since 1972

Lack of suitable museums to preserve the fossils was the main reason for their transfer to foreign countries, he said, adding that currently Natural History Museum and the Department of Environment (DoE) have created suitable conditions for their maintenance

Zare hoped that the invaluable collection will be returned to Iran following efforts by officials as well the decisions to be taken by the International Court of Justice at The Hague

prehistoric era


maraghe fossil

While fossils of invertebrates have been found in Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Afghanistan and China, he added that the large variety of the well-preserved fossils, including those of 32 species of mammals and two kinds of birds, has made Maragheh Fossil Zone one of the unique regions in the world

It is also one of the four recognized areas to contain human remains from the prehistoric era dating back to 100-200 million years ago, he added
Nearby cities: Maragheh, Miandoab, Sahand New Town
Coordinates:   37°22'37"N   46°25'8"E


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Rodler, A. Verh. Geol. Reichsanst., Vienna, 333−337 (1885



منطقه فسیل 7 الی 12 میلیون ساله مراغه به عنوان نخستین اثر ملی، طبیعی و فسیلی ایران از بالاترین رده های حفاظتی سازمان محیط زیست است و به عنوان اثر ملی و طبیعی به تصویب رسیده است.
دوستان میتوانند درصورت علاقه این لینک های فارسی را مطالعه نمایند

بهشت فسیلی مراغه در استان آذربایجان شرقی+ تصاویر
فسیل مراغه - آذربایجان شرقی

ویکی پدیا - بهشت فسیل مراغه

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Tabriz , Science Center of Iran

Rab'-e Rashidi was an  in North Eastern part of city Tabriz in East Azerbaijan Province, constructed in late 13th century during king Ghazan, ruler of Ilkhanid dynasty. The academic campus was a part of Rab-Rashidi endowment which is named after Rashid-al-Din Hamadani, the minster of Ghazan khan. Rashi-al-Din tried to gather the most famous intellectuals of his time in fields of philosophy science and medicine. He also tried to form a structured academic education base in this institute. The establishment was started to decline shortly after death of Rashid al din. The remaining parts of Rab'-e Rashidi later damaged by natural disasters. Nowadays only a small part of the establishment is standing out of the soil and most of its remaining structure is under 6 meters of soil and dust. Iranian archaeologists are recovering it from the soil

Ruins of Rabe Rashidi University

rabe rashidi

academic campus

Rab'-e Rashidi origins date to the 13th century, when Rashid-al-Din Hamadani, the minister of Ghazan Khan, the seventh ruler of the Ilkhanid dynasty, established a large academic center in Tabriz, the capital of Ilkhanid dynasty at the time, which he named Rab'-e Rashidi. After his death several years later, Khajeh Rashid was buried in this place and a tomb was built over his grave

This scientific and educational complex was equipped with a big paper factory, a massive library, an educational treatment center (Dar-ol-Shafa), Dar-ol Quran (Quranic Center), residential facilities for teachers, student’s quarter, a big caravansary and other facilities during the Ilkhanid era. Students from Iran, China, Egypt, and Syria studied subjects here under the supervision of intellectuals, scientists, physicians and Islamic scholars. More than 30,000 houses, stores and other urban constructions existed in the residential quarter
historical city

Ilkhanid dynasty

Also known as the Rashid Foundation or Estate, the main function of the Rab'-e Rashidi was that of a university city, and its main purpose was the study and copying of Rashid al-Din's own writings. The main components of the foundation were a library, a hospice, a hospital, a khanqah, and a tomb with winter and summer mosques. The tomb was originally that of Rashid al-Din, built by his son Muhammed Ghiyath. However, due to what is believed to have been a conspiracy of lies, Rashid al-Din was executed under the false pretext that he had poisoned Oljeitu Khan. This turn of events was further compounded by rumors that emerged during the reign of Miran Shah (1404-1407) that Rashid al-Din had been Jewish; consequently, his remains were exhumed from his tomb at the Rab'-e Rashidi and moved to a Jewish cemetery

In addition to the components of the foundation, the estate also served as a residential quarter. It contained caravanserais, shops, baths, storehouses, mills, factories, and thirty thousand houses. The entire complex was surrounded by a wall that Ghazan Khan had begun building to enclose the entire city of Tabriz, and later by a second one that enclosed its suburbs

Rab'-e Rashidi


Since his reputation had been tainted and his foundation plundered, the Rab'-e Rashidi began to decline after the death of Rashid al-Din in 1318. Although Rashid al-Din's son Muhammed Ghiyath attempted to expand the foundation after his father's death, he too was put to death in 1336, and the foundation was again looted. A ruler by the name of Malik Ashraf later took over the site in 1351 and expanded it further by building fortifications, mosques, hospitals and schools

Today, the historical elements of the Rab'-e Rashidi can no longer be identified. All that remains are some masonry bases of the fortifications that were built either during the 14th century or by Shah Abbas in the 17th century. The most prominent of the masonry bases still extant has a rectangular projection, believed to have been the foundation for an astrological observatory that is mentioned in Rashid al-Din's writings. Also found on the site were mosaic fragments that may date from Rashid al-Din's time up until the Safavid period

Vqfnamh quarter Rashidi
Rashidi academic quarter of a big name in the seventh century and founded the city of Tabriz is established by Khwaja Rashid-al-Din Hamadani the world

The workshop, house, rooms, bathrooms, water storage, treasurer, and canals have been the establishment of the center. In Vqfnamh the center has two large libraries, hospitals, and workshops were paper
  The Vqfnamh that 50 physician from India, China, Syria and Egypt in Daralshfa' or hospital practice must be served in addition to the number of students to be taught each year

quarter Rashidi


Rashid-al-Din Hamadani

  The text Vqfnamh, doctors who were on duty at Daralshfa' worked had to turn so that all parts of a person along a pharmacist and a doctor Daralshfa' students attended. Relief workers and passengers are free
Rashidi Vqfnamh Avlyst sources of the Iranian minister Benazir plan to bring this unique economic center, speaks at length. After the murder of Rashid al-Khawaja central library by Aylkhan Mongols plundered and the soil becomes a hillside in the transition years

Rashidi academic quarter

Science Center

14th century

Currently quarter Rashidi Abbasi Tabriz Street in shades of red mountain ranges Ynaly (Eynali) and unfortunately part of the landscape of the area, and housing is occupied by rural migrants
Today the neighborhood Abbasi Tabriz, sheltering in its ruins that once frequented the abode of a large caravanserai 24, 1500 30,000 shops, and home and garden and bathroom textile, pulp and paper mills and production Daralzrb color

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