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عکسهای تبریز و آذربایجان از آقای آراز نویدی که برخی از عکسها با چاشنی رویا درهم آمیخته است.

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مقبره الشعرا
مقبره الشعرا

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خانه نیکدل

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این پست شهروند آذربایجانی مربوط است به تصاویر عکاس آقای مهران چراغچی از آذربایجان شرقی و تبریز با توضیحاتی انگلیسی...

Qeshlaq village, East Azerbaijan, Iran
اطراف تبریز

Dogijan village, East Azerbaijan,Iran
روستای آذربایجان

Lezginka, also spelled Lezghinka, folk dance originating among the Lezgian people of the Caucasus. It is a male solo dance (often with a sword) and also a couple dance. The man, imitating the eagle, falls to his knees, leaps up, and dances with concise steps and strong, sharp arm and body movements. When the dance is performed in pairs, couples do not touch; the woman dances quietly as she regards the man’s display

Babak fort , Kaleybar , East Azerbaijan province, Iran

Urmia lake is the world's second largest brine lake and one of the most hyper saline lakes in the world. It is located at 37º30´N and 45º30´E, with a surface area of 4 750 to 6 100Km² and mean depth of 6.0m. Since 1997, the water volume of the lake has begun to decrease. In 2002, drought began to threaten the Urmia lake and in 2014, the dryness of the lake has been announced to be more than 75%. Poor agricultural management and a frantic rush for development are responsible for the lake’s desiccation

دریاچه ارومیه

Sohrol Church, East Azerbaijan, Iran
کلیسا سهرول

Sheykh Shahabedin , Ahar

Mollabashi alley, Tabriz

Maqbarat-o-shoara or the Mausoleum of Poets  belongs to poets, mystics and famous people, located in the Surkhab district of Tabriz in Iran. It was built by Tahmaseb Dolatshahi in the mid-1970s while he was the Secretary of Arts and Cultures of East Azarbaijan. On the east side of Sayyed Hamzeh's grave and Ghaem Magham's grave, there is a graveyard containing the graves of important poets, mystics, scientists and well-known people of Tabriz. The Mausoleum was first mentioned by the medieval historian Hamdollah Mostowfi in his Nozhat ol-Gholub. Hamdollah mentions it being located in what, at the time, was the Surkhab district of Tabriz. Since the 1970s, there have been attempts to renovate the graveyard area. Some work has been carried out like the construction of a new symbolic building on this site. The first poet buried in this complex is Asadi


مقبره الشعرا

The Bazaar of Tabriz is a historical market situated in the city center of Tabriz, Iran. It is one of the oldest bazaars in the Middle East and the largest covered bazaar in the world. and is one of Iran's UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tabriz has been a place of cultural exchange since antiquity. Its historic bazaar complex is one of the most important commercial center on the Silk Road. Located in the center of the city of Tabriz, Iran, the structure consists of several sub-bazaars, such as Amir Bazaar (for gold and jewelry), Mozzafarieh (a carpet bazaar), shoe bazaar, and many other ones for various goods. The most prosperous time of Tabriz and its bazaar was in the 16th century when the town became the capital city of the Safavid kingdom. The city lost its status as a capital in the 17th century, but its bazaar has remained important as a commercial and economic center
Although numerous modern shops and malls have been established nowadays, Tabriz Bazaar has remained the economic heart of both the city and northwestern Iran. Tabriz Bazaar has also been a place of political significance, and one can point out its importance in the Iranian Constitutional Revolution in the last century and Islamic Revolution in the contemporary time. The bazaar was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in July 2010


Hojjat al-Islam mosque is located in south of Talebiyeh school yard and west of Tabriz grand mosque. Only is a great column in front of sanctuary, with ornamental spiral strips and prolific Mogharnas columns. The founder of the mosque, is "Hojjat al-Islam, Mullah Mohammad Mamaghani" student of"Sheikh Ahmad Ahsayy". After completing his education in Najaf and return to Tabriz, building of the mosque began, In the year 1856 andfinished the building in 1861. This mosque recently after restoration is connected to Tabriz Great mosque regularly

مسجد جامع تبریز

مسجد تبریز

بازار تبریز

63columns mosque, Bazaar complex of Tabriz

مسجد بازار تبریز

Constitution House of Tabriz
The Constitution House of Tabriz, also known as Khaneh Mashrouteh, is a historical edifice located next to the Great Bazaar of Tabriz, on Motahari Ave in Tabriz, Iran. During the years which led to Constitutional Revolution and afterwards the house was used as a gathering place of the leaders, activists and sympathizers of the movement. Among them, the most famous people wereSattar khan, Bagher Khan, Seqat-ol-Eslam Tabrizi and Haji Mirza Aqa Farshi and the founder Haji Mehdi Kuzeh kanaani, himself a revolutionary activist and a well-reputed person of the time; who was named Abolmele, i.e. the father of the nation at the time. . The two-story building was constructed in 1868 by Haj Vali Me'mar-e Tabrizi. It has numerous rooms and halls. The most beautiful part of the house is a skylight and corridor decorated with colorful glass and mirrors. The house was constructed by order of Haj Mehdi Koozekonani in 1868. It includes a two floor building with internal and external areas featuring Qajarperiod architecture. Haj Mehdi Koozekonani was a merchant in the Bazaar of Tabriz. with initiating of Constitution revolution and rising up in Tabriz city, Haj Mehdi joined the revolution and became one of the major financier of the revolution. in the same time he used the house as a place for meeting of the revolution heads, and a place for publication of underground paper of the constitution movement. The house became important in the history once again just after world war II when it is used a place for Azerbaijan's Democrat Party meeting center (1946-1947). On 1975 the house is registered by Cultural Heritage of Iran


Arg castle of Tabriz, Iran
During the Pahlavi era, parts of the Ark which had been constructed in the 19th century by the Qajar dynasty, were destroyed. This destruction was with the aim of purifying the original Arg construction from later developments. The southern part of the Ark is turned to a park, the "Mellat Garden" (lit. park of the people), before the Iranian revolution in 1979. In early 1980s after suppression of uprising of supporters of Muslim People's Republic Party against the new establishment of mixing religion and state and neglecting of Azerbaijani minorities, Moslem Malakuti selected as new Imam Juma of Tabriz by revolutionary government. During his tenure in Tabriz the destruction of Ark's Qajar era addendum wall and cultural institutes surrounding it accomplished and a new mosque for Friday prayers. Some people believe this destruction of local heritage was a systematic destruction of local Azerbaijani identity. In 1990s and 2000s a rehabilitation and renovation project was executed by the Iranian Organization for Cultural Heritages. During this rehabilitation however all of the remaining Qajar era development from Arg castle were removed


El-Gölü of Tabriz
Early history of the El-Gölü is not clear. However, it seems that the lake originally was used as a water resource for agricultural purposes. In old times there was an artificial island with an small palace in the middle of the lake which was used as royal summer palace during the Qajar dynasty (when Tabriz was the official residence of Prince of Iran). During 2nd Pahlavi's the palace was reconstructed and a pass-way is built to connect the island to the side walks around the lake. constructed in karakoyunlu period 1485 AD

ایل گلی

Saat Tower, the symbol of Tabriz also known as Tabriz Municipality Palace, was built in 1934 and is located in the center of the city and on the left side of the Blue Mosque. After the 2nd world war, the building was used by the Azaerbaiijan Democrat Party as a government office. When Iranian troops regained control of Tabriz in 1947, the building was used again as the Tabriz municipal central office, and since then this function has not changed

Clock towers are a specific type of builidng which houses a turret clock and has one or more clock faces on the upper exterior walls. Many clock towers are freestanding structures but they can also be part of a church or municipal building such as a town hall. They are a common sight in many parts of the world with some being iconic buildings. To name a famous clock tower in the world, the Elizabeth Tower in Londen, commonly called “Big Ben” can be mentioned
Saat Tower is called so beacause of the four face clock at the top of the tower, as saat means “clock”. In the 1990s, in an attempt o instal an elevator, one of saat’s patios was damaged. In 2008, the dome of the tower was reconstruced with a new khaki colored fiber glass to replace the original silver colored  dome.  To use the whole potential of the building, some parts of the tower have been used in function of a museum in recent years. The museum includes historical maps and photos of Tabriz, as well as some antiques such as first taxi cars, and old firefighting trucks
Since Saat Tower in Tabriz is located in the center of the city, it has been used for various ceremonies and gatherings in the city. Nowruz, for instance, is celebrated in Tabriz by setting a big Haft-Sin behind Saat Tower which attracts a lot of visitors


The Blue mosque of Tabriz was built upon the order of Jahan Shah the ruler ofKara Koyunlu dynasty which made Tabriz the capital of his Kingdom. His Kingdom covered major parts of modern Iran, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. He was killed by Uzun Hassan (the ruler of Ak Koyunlu) and buried on the only parts of the mosque that survived
The mausoleum was built in the southern section of the mosque and is entirely covered with high marble slabs on which verses from Quran are engraved inThuluth script on a background of fine arabesques. The roof of the mausoleum and the main dome chamber of the mosque collapsed during an earthquake in 1779 A.D. and was rebuilt in 1973 thanks to the efforts of Mohammad Reza Memaran Benam (a famous architect from Tabriz) under the supervision of the national organization for preservation of ancient monuments


The Tabriz Fire Fighting Tower, standing at 23 m, was built in 1917 . It was used to investigate fire related incidents inside the city. An observer in the top of the tower stood for 24 hours of the day was watching for whole of the city for any signs of smoke and fire and when he saw any evidence the firemen were informed with him and sent to the fire incident location.
The fire fighting station of Tabriz (which is already the first fire fighting station in Iran was established in city with the aids (several cupper pumps) of Russian emperor in 1832

برج آتشنشانی تبریز

Old Khosravi Leather Factory, (Art university of Tabriz)

Chahar Menar (4 Minaret's), The tomb of Ravadi kings, Bazaar complex of Tabriz/Iran

The Catholic Church (Mighty Ezra) belongs to Iran's Catholic Christian community. It was built in 1912 and is located in the Mearmear of Tabriz. The church, built with a brick facade, measures 30 metres high by 15 metres wide with the bell tower located on a small balcony

Behnam House is a historical building in Tabriz, Iran
The edifice was built during the later part of the Zand dynasty (1750–1794) and the early part of the Qajar dynasty (1781–1925), as a residential house. During the reign of Nasereddin Shah Qajar (1848–1896) this building was substantially renovated and embellished with ornamental paintings. The house consists of a main building, referred to as the Winter Building, and a smaller structure, referred to as the Summer Building. The Winter Building is a two-storey symmetrical construction standing on a basement. Like many traditional houses in Iran, this house has an inner (اندرونی, andaruni) and an outer (بیرونی, biruni) courtyard, the former being the larger of the two. In the course of a 2009 renovation project, some hitherto unknown miniature frescoes were discovered in this house which were restored by specialists. The Behnām House is part of the School of Architecture of Tabriz Art University



The Amir Nezām House. or The Qajar Museum of Tabriz, is a historical building in theSheshghelan district one of the oldest quarters of the city ofTabriz, Iran. The base of the edifice covers an area of 1200 square metres. This monument which since 2006 houses a museum dedicated to the Qajar dynasty(1781-1925), was built in the period of the Crown Prince Abbas Mirza (1789-1833). It was renovated by Hasan-Ali Khan, Amir Nezām Garrousi, in his position as the Major-domo of Azarbaijan, and used as his residency. In the subsequent periods, the house was employed as the official residence of the provincial governors of Azarbaijan. Because of persistent neglect over a long period of time, this building had come to be in such a bad state of disrepair that for a time it was seriously considered to demolish it and build a school in its place. Between 1993-2006 it has been subject of an extensive renovation process and since the completion of this undertaking it has been granted the National Heritage status


Heidarzadeh House is a historical mansion situated in Maqsoudieh suburb of Tabriz, on the south side of Tabriz Municipality building. There is no document showing the date of construction of this historical house, but studies revealed that the house constructed about 1870 by Haji Habib Lak
The house was regis- tered in the list of National Remains of the Country in 1999. It covers an area of 900 square meters and has two floors. The house has two interior and exterior yards which are separated by house. In the basement, there is a Howz-Khaneh (a large room with a small pool with a fountain in the middle) ornamented with colorful bricks and vault. 
Other parts of the house are connected together through a hall. The building was ornamented with wooden-worked win- dows (called Orosi), stuccoes, colorful glasses, brick works and paintings. The main room (ShahNeshin) is one of the most attractive rooms of the house
خانه حیدرزاده

The Pottery museum is an art museum in Tabriz, Iran, established in one of the historical houses of the city known as Sarraflar’s house, which belongs to Qajar era

خانه سفال


Salmasi house of Tabriz
This house was built during qajar era in tabriz, iran. illuminated manuscripts are seen on closest and chimneys. also plaster work is seen on the ceilings. the building was made by stone, mortar and bricks. to visit this stunning place you need to enter tabriz city in east azerbaijan province, at the north western regions of iran, going to maqsudieh district


Home sharbat Oghli-sharbat Oqli
The house is owned by the second half of Qajar rule in the early northern courtyard garden side rooms on two floors has been added.
The building has two floors and interior and exterior. Within the dimensions of the yard 60/9 * 60/21 meters north of the alley to enter. The outer entrance porch and entrance Mohtasham bed and into the long corridors takes us out to the courtyard garden
Rafi columns Srstvnhay frontage with the bed rest will attract every visitor
The entrance to the ground floor of the main building via a central staircase into the entrance hall is a newcomer to the upper floor provides access to all rooms.
Ground and first floors, each room has a large Tnby Frahnaky in its wings
In the end it studies the center has started its activities
With more than 1600 square meters of building area and entrance criteria Vdalan brick entrance façade decorated with framed bed Azkhsvyat implications are obvious
Stone and brick entrance and bed form height and framing columns and brick facade white uniform and prolific eastern side of the main features of the decorative elements

خانه شربت اوغلی

House of Seqat-ol -Eslam is a historical house in Tabriz, Iran
Now a museum dedicated to Seqat-ol-Eslam Tabrizi who was a local reformist of the Qajar era

ثقه الاسلام

The Nobar bath is one of the historical baths of Tabriz, Iran. It has been constructed in the centre of the city, near the Nobar gate which was one of the old gates of Tabriz. Nobar bath, which covers an area about 700 sq. metres, was used as a public bath until 1994. Its ruins have been restored by Cultural Heritage Organization of East Azarbaijan Province and registered as part of Iran's National Heritage
حمام نوبر

Kordasht Bath is a historical building located in the central part of Jolfa in East Azerbaijan province.The bath of Kordasht Village is situated on the southern banks of Aras River, HistoricalIran reported.It is bordered by Armenia on the northern side and Kamtal Mountains in the south. Its location enables it to have mild winters and warm summers.Every year, thousands of tourists visit the village and the bath.The bath was built in the midst of a large garden in the Safavid Era.Built upon the king’s orders, it was initially used as a bath only by the royalty.Aftert it underwent renovation during the Qajar Era upon the order of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, it was transformed into its current form.One of the changes was brought about by Agha Mohammad Khan who declared it open for public use.However, subsequently the bath was not maintained properly and ultimately became dilapidated.Such was the level of its dilapidation that people stopped using the facility and it became an abandoned relic.Following this phase, Kordasht Bath was recognized as one of East Azerbaijan province’s historical structures and began attracting visitors

حمام کردشت

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خاطیره‌لر دَفترینده قورویور
کپنَک کیمی
اوچور بو تؤر توکونتو شعری یوم گؤزلرینی!

بولود مرادی



آبرسان تبریز

شاهگؤلی تبریز

ایل گلی

شاه گلی

تبریز از فضا

هوا چکیدهٔ نورست در شب مهتاب

ستاره خندهٔ حورست در شب مهتاب

سپهر جام بلوری است پر می روشن

زمین قلمرو نورست در شب مهتاب

زمین زخندهٔ لبریز مه نمکدانی است

زمانه بر سر شورست در شب مهتاب

رسان به دامن صحرای بیخودی خود را

که خانه دیدهٔ مورست در شب مهتاب

بغیر بادهٔ روشن، نظر به هر چه کنی

غبار چشم شعورست در شب مهتاب

براق راهروان است روشنایی راه

سفر ز خویش ضرورست در شب مهتاب

صائب تبریزی


شب خنک

موزه قاجار

موزه قاجار

مسجد جامع
مسجد جامع


صاحب الامر
صاحب الامر

مسجد تبریز

بو گئجه من کی یاتا بیلمه ییرم باشی باشلاره قاتا بیلمه ییرم

یوخوسوزلوق منی قاتلاشدیردی من بو نامرده باتا بیلمه ییرم

اؤغری قالدیردی قازان – قابلامامی کیم ال آتسین حاجاتا؟ بیلمه ییرم

اؤغرونون کیم یئتیریب اؤمباسین ازیخلیا بیر زؤپاتا بیلمه ییرم!

آیلیق آلدوق ، ا وئردیک گئتدی نه یئیه ک ، ای وای آتا ! بیلمه ییرم

ده ده میز یؤخ ، کیمه چکمک باراتی کیمی سالماخ باراتا بیلمه ییرم

جیب ده قالمیشسادا بیر بئش ماناتیم نه آلیم بئش ماناتا بیلمه ییرم

ده لی شیطان دئیری : یؤرقانی سات! قیشدی ، یؤرغاندی ، ساتا بیلمه ییرم!!

قار دئییر گل کیشی سن پامبوغ آتاق کیشی ! من پامبوغ آتا بیلمه ییرم!!

هی گلیب ، مندن آلیرلار شتلی کیم سالیب مازی ماتا بیلمه ییرم؟

زندگانلیق قؤراتا بیر شیئی اؤلوب َیه لازم قؤراتا بیلمه ییرم

بیر سوموک دور کی بؤغازلاردا قالیب کیم آتا یاکیم اوتا بیلمه ییرم

قار- یاغیشدا بونه قؤندوم – کؤشدوم؟ نیه دوشدوک بو اؤتا بیلمه ییرم

بو کتابلار ئؤزی بیر آت یوکودور بونی کیم چاتسین آتا بیلمه ییرم

چای سیزام تاپمیورام چای پاکاتین نه گلیب بو پاکاتات بیلمه ییرم

هی سؤیوقدان قورولوب بیگ دورورام کیمدی یئنگه - موشاتا بیلمه ییرم

ال کی دوتمور یازام ، ال تاپاقدا قلمه یا داواتا ، بیلمه ییرم

گئجه میز صبح اؤلاجاق یا هله وار؟ باخیرام هی ساعاتا بیلمه ییرم

قوش اوچار ، آمما نه درمان ائله مک؟ داش ده گن قؤل قاناتا بیلمه ییرم

آی قاداشلار ! منه بیر ال یئتیرون یوک آغیرلاشدی چاتا بیلمه ییرم

طبع شعریم دایانیب ، سؤنجوق آتیر من ده کی سؤنجوق آتا بیلمه ییرم


قونقا باشی


اؤپوش‌سوز اوتاق
گولوش‌سوز دووار
من ال‌لرینی بیر ایتیک کیمی‌آختاریرام…
و یالقیز- یالقیز آغلاییرام…
آج، سوسوز، پاراسیز
یالقیزلیغیم‌لا قهوه ایچیرم!
قارانلیقلا سیگار چکیرم!
شعرلریمی‌قیرمیزی لئچه‌یینه بوکورم
و قزئت‌لری باشماغی‌نین اوستونه ییغیرام!!!
سنین اللرین اولمایاندا
نه چتین‌دیر حیات…
پاییزلی گؤزلرین
دوداقلاریم اوشویور…
فیشنگیم نم چکیر…
قلمیم سکوت…
سن اولمایاندا سوسوز قالیرام
آج قالیرام
سن اولمایاندا سن‌سیز قالیرام!!!

سعید موغانلی

دسته بندی : تبریز ,
برچسب ها : تبریز , شب تبریز , نماهای شهر تبریز , تبریز گئجه لری , tabriz , təbriz , شبگردی ,

» درباره تبریز و آذربایجان و اخبار About and News ( جمعه 16 اسفند 1398 )
» ویروس کرونا تهدیدی در ایران ( جمعه 9 اسفند 1398 )
» نقاش و نگارگر استاد علی اصغر پتگر ( جمعه 25 بهمن 1398 )
» زینب پاشا بانوی رابین هود ایران ( جمعه 18 بهمن 1398 )
» خانه زیبا که به هتل بوتیک در تبریز تبدیل می‌شود ( یکشنبه 6 بهمن 1398 )
» بنیس شبستر ، روستای دانشگاهی بدون بیکار و بی سواد ( چهارشنبه 25 دی 1398 )
» برف زمستانی 1398 تبریز ( جمعه 20 دی 1398 )
» اردبیل؛ سرزمین چشمه‌های بهشتی آذربایجان ( یکشنبه 15 دی 1398 )
» مشکلات صنعت کفش چرم دستدوز تبریز ( پنجشنبه 5 دی 1398 )
» شب خاطره ها چیلله گئجه‌سی ( شنبه 30 آذر 1398 )
» خلیل بحران طنز پرداز ( چهارشنبه 20 آذر 1398 )
» شهر شکی جمهوری آذربایجان ( یکشنبه 10 آذر 1398 )
» پاکبان و جدال با فاضلاب برای یک لقمه نان حلال ( دوشنبه 4 آذر 1398 )
» دوربین تبریز لینک 80 ( گردشی در اطراف بیلانکوه ) ( جمعه 24 آبان 1398 )
» پارک باغ‌شهر تبریز ( دوشنبه 13 آبان 1398 )
» مسجد حسن پاشا در انتظار احیا ( جمعه 3 آبان 1398 )
» شهر گمشده اوجان آذربایجان در راه احیا ( جمعه 26 مهر 1398 )
» عشایر شاهسون آذربایجان از اصالت تا زندگی شیرین ( سه شنبه 16 مهر 1398 )
» مصاحبه مینا خلیل‌ زاده فتحی برنده جایزه هوانوردی آمریکا ( چهارشنبه 10 مهر 1398 )
» چهار پروژه و نابودی چهار اثر تاریخی تبریز ( جمعه 5 مهر 1398 )
» زووفان حیوانات تبریز ( دوشنبه 25 شهریور 1398 )
» تصاویر محمدحسن‌میرزا قاجار در دارالحکومه تبریز ( پنجشنبه 21 شهریور 1398 )
» دلیرمردی که سوختن ارسباران را برنتابید ( دوشنبه 11 شهریور 1398 )
» حوادث اشغال تبریز توسط ارتش سرخ در شهریور ۱۳۲۰ ( دوشنبه 4 شهریور 1398 )
» شهروند لینک آذربایجانی 78 ( مهری نژاد ) ( سه شنبه 29 مرداد 1398 )
» سرگذشت دراماتیک امپراتوران مدرسه‌سازی مردانی آذر ( شنبه 19 مرداد 1398 )
» ضرورت احیا هتل قدیمی گراند و محله پاساژ تبریز ( جمعه 11 مرداد 1398 )
» ساعت به وقت گدایی در شهر بدون گدا تبریز ( دوشنبه 31 تیر 1398 )
» شهروند لینک آذربایجانی 77 ( آراز نویدی ) ( جمعه 21 تیر 1398 )
» چهارمین جشنواره خلاقیت و نوآوری تبریز ( پنجشنبه 13 تیر 1398 )


» سازمان گردشگری شهرداری تبریز Tourism Development Organization of Tabriz Municipality
» گردشگری آذربایجان شرقی - تبریز توریست
» آپارات کارتونهای آذربایجانی
» وبلاگ کلیبر سیتی (پریسا)
» وبسایت تبریز دانلود (هادی)
» آنایوردوم خطبه سرا
» آذربایجان و پیرامون (عبدالحسین)
» وبلاگ بایرام (بیانی)
» وبلاگ جانیم آزربایجان(elçi bəy)
» وبلاگ مازگامت
» یئنی قاپی
» سایت ادبیات ترکی ایشیق
» شهرمن تبریز (یاشار)
» وبلاگ باخیش(شادی)
» وبلاگ سهند ما (محسن)
» خاطیره لر دوراغی (حسین واحدی)
» صنم در اوج (سجاد)
» وبلاگ اشعار ترکی آذری و فارسی
» یوردوم ملکان
» وبلاگ تبریز شهر اولین ها (سعید)
» سهند توپراقی(جواد نجات)
» املاک قربانی (اسپیران)
» وبلاگ ینگی اسپیران (محمد)
» آنــــا یــوردوم تــبریــز(عبدا.. رضوی)
» وبلاگ کشاورزی آمقانی اسکو(شوکتی)
» وبلاگ گوگان
» ....................................
» وبلاگ اخبار اردبیل (فرزاد)
» وبلاگ شهریمیز اورمو
» دئیه لر(دیگاله)-اورمیه
» وبلاگ مشگین شهر (میلاد)
» وبلاگ چشمه های بهشتی آرتاویل
» پروژه های عمرانی ایران
» وبسایت مشهد امروز (اشکان)
» مشهد شهر بهشت (امیرحسین)
» وبلاگ شهر خرم آباد
» وبلاگ هورامان
» وبلاگ برازجان (بوشهر)
» وبلاگ آموزش رانندگی
» هواشناسی ایرما
» ......................................
» وبلاگ گالری تراکتور
» وبسایت گسترش فولاد تبریز
» وبسایت باشگاه ماشین سازی تبریز
» وبسایت رسمی باشگاه تراکتورسازی
» لینک پیش فرض دوم
» لینک پیش فرض اول
» لیست لینک ها

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